Game of Thorne Season 7 is coming soon

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Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and company will travel to the far North in at attempt to capture a wight. Although they have the best intentions, it strikes us as a bit of a suicide mission.

As our heroes flee an avalanche of the undead, their path takes them across a frozen body of water. Unfortunately, the ice begins to crack under their weight. With the dead not far behind, that ice doesn’t seem likely to hold. Because Jon doesn’t have enough problems, now drowning is a real possibility.

Over the course of the past several episodes, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have developed a more-or-less functional working relationship. Yes, he broods too much and she’s always asking him to bend the knee, but there seems to be a mutual respect between them.

Now that Jon and Dany have taken this step, will they start working even closer together? Might there be romance in their future? And will the Northern lords accept Daenerys as their queen? All of these questions will be answered…It is coming soon

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