IT (2017 film)

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Have you guys seen the 2017 film IT?
One described it as “creepy, bloody, super funny, adorably romantic and hands down among my favorite movies of the year.”

It seems like a new Stephen King adaptation hits our screens every other day, but of all his creations, It is arguably the scariest of them all. Released in 1986, King’s It was celebrated as an instant classic, but it wasn’t until Tim Curry donned the infamous clown makeup in the popular TV adaptation that Pennywise truly became the stuff of nightmares.

Pennywise is a monstrous creation, rivaling even King’s pet corgi Molly a.k.a. The Thing of Evil. However, despite his horrifying impact on pop culture, the demonic clown has still had to wait patiently down in the sewer drains for a faithful cinematic adaptation of his exploits.

If you guys need Pennywise costume in this movie , is the choice for you.

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