When Harley Met Joker: A History of the ‘Suicide Squad’ Love Story

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For longtime fans of both the Joker and Harley Quinn, the notion that Harley is the Joker’s “true love” rings somewhat false, not least of all because the very idea of the sociopathic Joker having a true love seems unlikely at best, if not downright impossible, especially given the relationship the two characters have shared in their animated and comic book incarnations to date.

If there was one constant in the portrayal of the relationship between the two characters in both comic books and animation, it was that Harley loved the Joker more than he did her. Actually, it could be argued that the Joker didn’t love Harley at all — that his occasional sweetness and attempts to woo her were merely manipulative attempts to keep her from being too much of a nuisance.

The turning point made the abuse and power dynamic all-too-clear; the issue features Quinn crying and saying, “He’s not my Mr. J anymore …”
The most recent meeting between the two characters in comics, in this year’s Harley Quinn No. 25, separated the two characters even further, empowering Harley in the process; an attempt by the Joker to woo her ends in a fight between the two characters that Harley wins easily, telling the Joker in the process, “I hate ya fer what ya bring out in me.” Moviescostume.com

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